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Air Driven Optical Drilling Machines  


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The Air Driven Optical Drilling Machines have been designed to provide all the advantages of accurate Optical Drilling at a relatively low cost, which has been achieved without compromising precision or ease of use. The machine is Electro-Pneumatically controlled, with a large screen optics, high intensity illumination and clear definition to minimise operator fatigue. The projector unit consists of a long working distance lens, two special quartz and aluminium coated mirrors and a circular pattern target screen giving a balanced magnification of  7:1. The two high intensity illumination lamps are readily replaced and are easily adjusted for maximum surface illumination. The mirrors are uniquely adjusted to allow accurate alignment of the drill point to the centre of the screen. Viewing is through an anti glare visor.

Depression of the two position foot switch firstly clamps the circuit board which then allows the operator to check the accuracy of alignment of the circuit board. Further depression of the foot switch initiates the drilling cycle which, on completion, releases the clamp for the next operation. The automatic drilling spindle has an adjustable feed rate for all sizes of drilled holes. A retractable bellows unit surrounds the chuck and is connected at the rear of the machine to an outlet pipe which has an adapter to fit most types of swarf extraction unit.

The collet/drill chuck is easily accessible for drill changing by pivoting the counter balanced projector head backwards to expose the chuck for easy drill changing. The matt finish steel base plate incorporates a drill bush adapter which accepts most standard drill bushes. The unit is mounted on a rigid cantilever type stand with a large laminated plastic work top and a drawer providing ample working and storage space for pcbs, tools and accessories.


Projector: Magnification 7:1
Screen Size 51/2 inches  - l40mm
Throat Depth  6 inches -  l50 mm
Field of view of lens 0.8 inches  - 20 mm
Front focus of lens l 3/4 inches  - 45 mm
Maximum stack height 1/2 inch  - l2 mm
Screen height from table 15 inches  -  375 mm
Surface illumination by two inclined quartz halogen projector lamps.
Lamps: 15 volts 150 watts reflector type:
Input Voltage 220/250 volts
Electrical Power consumption  400 Watts
Air Pressure 90psi.CleanAir  - 7Bars
Consumption 7-lOcu ft/min   - 200/300 Litre/min
Air Connection 1/2 reinforced pipe
Working area of steel base 10 inches x 8 inches  - 250 mm x 200 mm
Plastic laminated table 42 inches x 28 inches  - l065mm x 700 mm
Stand Height 31 inches  - 780 mm

Air Freight Weight 2751bs  - 125 Kg
Air Freight Dimensions 1150 mm x 800 mm x 1600 mm



( For the drilling of automatic test equipment in-circuit test jigs.)
SpindleSpeed 4,400 r.p.m.
Drill chuck 0 - 6 mm

AOD 19
( For mainly drilling tooling holes )
Spindle speed 19,000 r.p.m.
Drill chuck 0 - 6 mm

AOD 40
( For general purpose drilling )
Spindle Speed 40,000 r.p.m
Collet 1/8 inch  (3.175 mm)


AOD 2040
Spindle Speed Variable 20,000 to 40,000 r.p.m.

This variable speed air motor machine has high motor power and can cycles from zero revolutions to set speed and back to zero after the cycle.
Stroke length 1 inch (25 mm)
Collet 1/8 inch  (3.175 mm)

AOD 3080
Spindle Speed Variable 30,000 to 80,000 r.p.m.

A variable speed air turbine with a built in optical speed sensor which allows the machine to operate as a closed loop system for speed control giving both accuracy and power during the drilling cycle. If the machine is not used for 30 seconds the speed will slow to 30.000 r.p.m. When the next drill cycle is activated the original speed is automatically re-set.
Stroke length 1 inch (25 mm)
Collet 1/8 inch  (3.175 mm)

Both variable speed machines have a digital display that will either display the number of holes drilled with a zero reset or the spindle revolution setting of the optical drilling machine and use 1.5 inch OAL  (32 mm)  turbo shank standard PCB drills.

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The high intensity illumination of the large screen optical unit gives a magnified image with clear definition. The screen display shows either the hole count or spindle revolutions.

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