Micromat International

Micromat Control System

The MICROMAT control system has evolved over the past 21 years and is based on modern 32 bit computer technology. It incorporates a VGA colour graphics display, keyboard and joystick control and has 3" disk drives for compatibility with MS-DOS based CAD systems. Programming, editing and drilling functions are all controlled from single button commands and full on-screen help is always available. An integral CCTV system displays a 15X picture, embedded in the programming screen, to allow data entry from film-work and to aid editing of existing data. Drilling and routing files are normally loaded from, and saved to, floppy disk. Reading files from disk is simplified by the use of a point and shoot system to avoid typing names. Program files may also be transferred between the machine and a host computer via an optional network system. Drilling and routing patterns can be displayed graphically in relation to the machine bed and can be step and repeated, flipped and rotated, all on screen, before loading into the system. Individual tool parameters are programmed for each tool size and tool management facilities will stop the machine whenever a pre-set tool life has been exceeded. The system can produce drill files which are directly compatible with Sieb & Meyer 1000 format or Excellon Format 2.