Features of the Micromat PC control system
It just keeps getting better!
Good news for all Micromat users with the following new features added to the latest release of the Micromat PC drilling and routing control software making this machine the number one choice for the smaller business. All earlier systems can be modified to use this new controller.  For further details please email:   sales@micromat.co.uk
AutoCad compatibility
The controller now has the ability to automatically identify and read AutoCad data that has been saved to disk as an HPGL plotter file with the .plt extension. This allows engraving work to be undertaken on the Micromat and facilitates the new PCB Prototyping ability.
PCB Prototyping
New PCB Prototyping software takes drilling and photo-plot data from all known PCB design packages and generates outline data to drill and mill the copper tracks to produce a prototype circuit board without chemicals. PCB Prototyping software is available as a separate item.
Drill Speed and Feed
All tool diameter related speed and feed information is now saved in two look up tables. One is for drilling parameters and the other for routing. All that is needed for new programs is to enter the tool diameter and to select either Drill or Router to automatically load your favourite speed and feed settings for that tool size.
Tool Management
Tool numbers can now be merged with others or migrated to freshly allocated numbers to allow for different tool order priority or changed manufacturing methods.
Pocket Milling
A new command provides the ability to mill rectangular, circular and annular pockets in a work-piece to any depth allowable by the tool in use. Deep pockets are simply routed in multiple passes to allow even the lowest power spindle to rout greater depths than ever before.
Pattern rotation
A drilling or routing program can now be rotated to any desired angle on the bed of the machine. The pattern can be rotated either around the first programmed position or generally around itself.
Pattern size
A drilling or routing program can now be increased or decreased in size. This has uses in engraving as well as being able to allow for PCB film stretch or shrinkage. Although this is a problem we are all told does not exist we can at least now provide compensation to allow for its possible existence.
Pattern Resize and Rotate
A drilling or routing program can now be realigned to filmwork that is either the wrong size or at the wrong angle on the machine by a sequence of two simple commands that rotate and resize the program in one operation.
On Screen Graphics 
All the above features are enhanced by the ability to replace the TV picture with a graphic representation of the bed of the machine. This is over-layed with the drilling and/or routing program that may be rotated, re-sized and re-positioned, if so desired.  Tool sizes are identified by different colours.

These value added features keep Micromat at the head of the usability scale