Micromat V1 Controller Software
( for controller with PC, keyboard and joystick all in one box )
The top of the screen at switch on will identify the video card as either Cirrus or Trident.


To make sets of floppy disks put 1.44M floppy disks into your PC and click the links below.
Each link will create a floppy disk with the files in the correct sectors so that the boot disks actually boot.
Put a 3.5" floppy in your computer drive A: then click below on the disk you want to create, 
then click Run, then Run again, then Create Floppy  Anything already on the floppy will be overwritten.
DO NOT try to COPY these files to the floppy disks. It won't work!  
Save them to your PC if you like but you must still "RUN" each one to extract the files to a floppy disk.


DOS 6.22
3 disks
Windows For Workgroups V3.11
8 floppy disks required
Micromat controller installation
one floppy disk for each
Disk 1

Disk 2

Disk 3



LAN card settings
IRQ 5 - Address 340

WFW disk 1
Type "setup" from DOS

WFW disk 2

WFW disk 3

disk 4

disk 5

disk 6

disk 7

disk 8


Micromat control system disk
Run install.bat from DOS
Add mm as last line of autoexec.bat
Trident VGA drivers disk
Run tinstall.exe from Program Manager
Set video to SVGA   or  800 x 600  16 colors
Cirrus VGA drivers disk
Run install.exe from Program Manager
Set video to 800 x 600  16 colors
XTreeGold disk
Run install.bat from DOS
ZTreeWin disk
Like XTG but can use longer filenames
Run install.exe from DOS