The MICROMAT Series 500
Essential drilling and profiling on a small scale

Nothing could be simpler to use than the Micromat Series 500 CNC Drilling machine.

The Micromat control system allows direct processing of NC Drill data for PCB production, drilling, milling or routing of plastic, aluminium or other small metal parts. It will accept HP/GL plot data and can also be programmed using the integral vision system to do those essential little jobs that just can't be done by hand.

Designed and constructed using operational feedback from hundreds of established customers over a twenty year period, the Micromat Series 500 combines simple aesthetics with accuracy, ease of use and low cost never believed possible.

Use the Micromat Series 500 for -
  • PCB drilling and profiling
  • Prototype PCB milling
    (with appropriate software)
  • Machining plastics
  • Precision drilling small parts
  • Drilling small metal components
  • Marking out precision parts
  • Machine work area: 500 x 310mm
  • Max drill stroke: 60mm.
  • Max spindle speed: 60,000rpm.
  • (Optional - spindle speed up to 100,000rpm)
  • Positional speed up to 6 metres/minute.
  • Profiling speed up to 3 metres/minute.
  • Positional accuracy: 0.01mm.
  • Hit rate up to 6 holes/sec (21,600 holes per hour).
  • Fabricated from precision welded steel for Ultimate rigidity.
  • Windows operating system for Ultimate compatibility.
  • Brushless stepper motor driven for Ultimate reliability.
  • High frequency KaVo spindle for Ultimate precision.
  • All parameters are software controlled for Ultimate repeatability
  • Small cabinet-top machine footprint is just 950mm x 800mm.
  • Supplied as a complete system - just plug into the wall and go!