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Micromat International brings to the world of electronic production a range of Printed Circuit Board Drilling and Routing machines based on tried and tested techniques. The machines are efficient, cost effective and, above all, simple to operate and maintain making them the ideal choice for all types of PCB manufacture from prototypes to production quantities.


In 1979 Printed Circuit Board drilling became a lot easier with the introduction of a new PCB drilling system. 
                          The MICROMAT had arrived!

MICROMAT is as much a concept as a machine.  The system incorporates not just the latest technology, it is built using proven techniques, proven over years of experience with state of the art machines and with the added insight of the qualities which make equipment both understandable and simple to operate. The first machines produced were small single spindle systems which allowed the smaller PCB manufacturer to enjoy the benefits of automated drilling without enlisting the help of the World Bank.

As the years progressed, so did the MICROMA
T, and later production included two and four spindle machines using air bearing drilling spindles with automatic tool change facilities.

These systems fall within the perceived industry standards and allow both small hole drilling and routing on the same machine. To date there are over seventeen hundred MICROMAT systems operating world wide in countries ranging from China and Japan in the East through to the USA and South America in the West.
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